Artist Statement

Jaimie Sandles is an artist who delves into the past, focussing on the discrimination of women in advertising throughout history, and also the failed (yet undeserved) nature of the woman artist; Jaimie highlights this void in the past by re-appropriating old advertisements and images from woman’s magazines. She suggests how women artists have rarely been published within our art history books, despite the majority of the existing and previously forgotten being supreme. With influences from The Guerrilla Girls and the exhibition “Electronic Superhighway” at The Whitechapel Gallery, 29th January – 15th May 2016, which involves the combination of art with technology, Jaimie produces her artwork to counteract masterpieces by the White Western Male. Unknowingly, attitudes in society made it clear that the white male eliminated women, Jaimie justifies these capitalist and sexist views by erasing history, manipulating the image, pixelating famous images of women made by men, to make up for our history lost.