After today, I have finished a large scale painting of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Forget Me Nots and Black Pansy – in oils and acrylics on a 100cmx140cm piece of very good quality watercolour paper.

From a tutorial I had with Jerome on the 24th April, he mistook my piece The Rebirth of Venus (the piece that I put in for the interim show) for a bookcase. The image, which was originally on a frame of the same size, with 15cm off the ground to add depth, was stood up right in my space, with the painting on the back. Jerome went up to it and mistook it for a bookcase, which I really thought was intereseting. Admittedly, I was a bit offended, the piece on the back took up the majority of my time, regardless if I do not like it, it was very time consuming. Whereas Ash the technician made the frame within an hour. This is not a dig at Ash, I am so pleased that he had the time to make this for me, but it’s just an interesting concept.

The overlooked element which was expressed within my interim show piece was still everpresent; yet I didn’t like the piece on the back. I’d pretty much decided that I didn’t want to use the Forget Me Not piece for the jigsaw, therefore I used it for this piece instead, and could actually supply a more interesting concept.

In my space, I’ve made it so that the bookcase is the first thing you come across, with books on, and found pictures of women, and on the back the Forget Me Not piece, a width’s way from the wall, so that you can look behind it.

I plan on making some book sleeves of the master to go on the bookshelves, to reinforce the idea that the Master is better than the Mistress, and that the image of the Master prioritises our visual culture, and again, reffecting on history, the female painter is hidden. Due to the mass of things I need to do before the hand-in I doub the sleeves will be produced but I like the idea of making bespoke inserts for books with names of the Master on them.

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