Today I had a quick tutorial with Nick, we were discussing the idea of me creating the video of myself popping the balloon dog, an object representing the easy destruction of the master led art world.

We spoke about the equipment I would need, such as what type of microphone I would use and where I would place the work, what angle I would shoot the video at etc. Nick said that it would very much depend on trial and error; I plan on shooting tonight, so after hand-in I could try out plenty of versions and see what colour balloon, what lighting etc looks best on camera to supply my idea in the right way.

As another part to this film, my work last term was highly influenced by the ideal of the woman, and the objectification of her within an advertising stance. A quotation that highly influenced me is from the book Feminist visual culture, edited by Fiona Carson and Claire Pajaczkowska (2000).


“However, it is significant that an authoritative male voiceover accompanied the majority of television commercials in question, as if suggesting that only a man can really give a product sufficient credibility”. (Carson, Pajaczkowska, 2000, pp298)

I therefore wanted to play on this idea a lot more, looking at the voiceover of the film, in a male’s voice, to give the viewer a ‘legitimate’ experience, reinforcing the ideal viewer of a comfortable, yet uncomfortable visual encounter. The male voiceover will say “POP” – the tone of the male voice is yet unknown, ask Abi about the types of microphones that she would recommend for this area.

We also discussed social etiquette, revolving around the idea of the prioritised white male in society.

Below is a quick plan based on how I want the video to display and turn out: Degree Show Plan - Jeff Koons

This is based on the yellow balloon I have created, as well as the smaller white, but, repeating from above, there will be trial and error points potentially after hand in – I want the best possible version of this to be in the degree show.

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