Make a box for a game, that is not a game? Idea of playfulness, but is far from it. Satirical humour.

My idea here is to represent the female artist through a interactive game that the viewer will have to play – this will be a jigsaw puzzle, but not the typical jigsaw puzzle, this one will have several missing pieces; this will display the idea of and reflect that females have had a limited history within the artworld; with influences from a fellow student Adam Davis (who’s interim show was Harmonious Discord) and Cecile Abish (below), who looks at photography and its missing pieces.


I know that I want to paint a portrait for this section, but will most likely happen now after the hand-in, this is just a proposal at this stage. OR look at a female artist in a derogatory stance, like in Paula Rego’s Dog Woman (below). Possibly call this “Not the entire image”, “Not the entire picture”, or “This is not a game”.


After talking to Nick today, I want to now try the laser cutter through displaying this and cutting out the shapes. In my sketchbook, I have trials of doing this, nt my own , just samples to remind me, and will need a bit of help doing this.

I would like to produce this piece either in oils or a computer drawing, and then either have the physical puzzle pieces in either cardboard or perspex.

The idea of the amount of jigsaw puzzle pieces being on the box; could this possibly be the exact amount of female artists in Tate’s Collection – OR amount shown in MET, The Guerrilla Girls, 1989??

100/1000 ?

OR potential idea of content – Forget Me Not – Forget Me Nots and Black Pansy by Georgia O’Keeffe (1926) (below) and name it “Forget Me Not” ?

Black Pansy & Forget-Me-Nots (Pansy)

Georgia O’Keeffe is a substantial female artist (much like Frida Kahlo) yet this cannot be said for the majority of female artists in the past. Forget Me Not – don’t forget the women artists!

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