Above is my piece named ‘Pixelated Vermeer’ which I created for the previous module hand-in. This was a pivotal piece for the module, it was discovering the master painter looking at the female and supplying her as an object. Admitedly, the content (looking back on the piece) could have been more explicit? Like a naked woman painted in the way of pixelation. I did look at this through the use of image transfer onto glass and mirror, the mirror being a frequently used feminist prop, to show the unmistaken identity of the female artist.

The pixelation was an idea I was playing around with on my laptop through the use of the reproduced image (based on Google images, as without being in the country were the image in fact is) it would be inaccessible, this is why the platform of the internet and the digital is so important. Due to advances in technology, the art world has been highly influenced by this change. The main focus for me was the visual quality of a glitch, covering the history of the objectified female, no longer glorifying the master/male artist, but erasing their history, juxtaposing the indifference between female and male succession in the art world.

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