On Thursday 23rd February 2017, the second organised group of our Art/Work/Life module all of the members collaborated to bring us an amazing show.

The partakers in the show were as follows: Jessie Hoskin, Charlie Harryman, Jazz Moreton, Emily Steer, Emilie Zumkeller, Rachel Hartell, Bethany Harper and Eden Jones.

The curatorial text read as thus:

‘Elucidate’ considers the gallery as an archival space, a disparate mix of themes and mediums coming together to form a world of curiosity. Amalgamating a disparate group of artists, the show suggests a world of curated eclecticism. These artists share the drive to create works based on concept and materiality, with each artist’s concept and material differing. Art should be seen as a powerful tool for communication, and each work communicates its own contrasting idea, which may be as diverse as the subjects of communal living space and the subconscious mind.
Seemingly departing from the norms of the traditional ‘white cube’ exhibition, ‘Elucidate’ is able to exist as an illumination of the creativity of the eight new artists without a sense of enforced convention being followed. The significance of breaking tradition may be understood to go hand-in-hand with the act of being a collective of female artists on the edge of an art world that sometimes seems to lend itself to the notion of powerful and successful artists being fuelled by testosterone.
The works that you, the art-goer, will experience concern themselves with social issues. Feminism, existence, aesthetic, memory, visibility, and consciousness. Exploiting techniques as diverse as drawing, printmaking, and sculptural installation, the Artists convey their individual messages in ways that are intended to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as aiming to lead the audience to consider aspects of their own lives in new ways.
The artists are inspired by practitioners throughout history, with moments in time as disparate as Fluxus and the Arts and Crafts movement informing the work. Although historical context is an important foundation for art-making, it is vital to attempt to consider the contemporary issues conveyed within the exhibition. ‘Elucidate’ provides the works of art but the audience holds the responsibility to draw their own conclusions from what they see in front of them.

There is also a sub-heading underneath the curatorial text, and that reads:

Warning: content that some might find upsetting

This show was undoubtedly a success; the title of the show given in tape and gloss which lighted up if you were to shine a torch light upon it; making it clear which show we were at. Also the curatorial text was on the outside of the door, as opposed to last week’s show, where the text was on the inside wall on the left as you walked in (just before Stephanie Turley’s work). Also this group included a floorplan, showing the viewer (who may not be familiar with a certain person by view) where a certain person’s artwork was in the room.

As listed above there was a sign saying ‘Warning: content that some might find upsetting’ – this was on account of Eden Jones’ work Run, 2017 – a piece of artwork not dissimilar to that of Damien Hirst. Jones aquired three aborted foal anatomies from a friend, who had placed the foals in a preserving material. The content culd be considered quite explicit for some people, therefore the team offered their discretion to warn those entering the exhibition.


img_06941.jpgJazz Moreton – Hand-made Hammock and Projection on Ceiling

Bethany Harper –Transpicere, 2017  – Gloss Varnish on Acrylic Panels, Linear Ataraxy, 2017 – Matt and Gloss Varnish

Rachel Hartell –Oyster Cove, Volcanic Splash, 2017 – Woodblock print on Wallpaper lining, Elephant Grey, Shocking Pink, 2017 – Reupholstered and Repainted Chair
Eden Jones – Steed, 2016 – Oil and Pastel on Canvas, Run, 2017 – Foals in Formalin
Charlie Harryman – Laugh, 2016-2017  Mixed Media Installation
Charlie Harryman – Laugh, 2016-2017  Mixed Media Installation (video documenting interviews with the Harryman Family about how they remember their loved ones)
Emily Steer – Untitled, 2017 – Ink on paper
Jessie Hoskin – Articles 2, 5, 7 and 16, 2017 – Mixed Media
Emilie Zumkeller – The Brink, 2016 – Oil paint on Canvas, The Insider, 2017Oil paint on Canvas, Rising Water, 2017 – Oil paint on Canvas, with installation of bed, duvet, pillow and fluffy toy animals

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